Aixin Technology Solutions is one of the leading organizations on quality since 2004.

Our services portfolio combines traditional IT and Remote Infrastructure services with knowledge-based services such as Consulting. The efficiency and seamlessness of our engagements makes Aixin Technology Solutions an excellent partner to companies looking for an integrated approach to managing all IT and operational programs.

Our intellectual property from software products, to technology and business components, to service and process frameworks is the culmination of our business knowledge, technology excellence and process innovation and helps transform businesses around the world

B2B Services

Every organization has unique needs. By providing a spectrum of B2B Integration Services, we have designed a solutions suite that will empower you to meet your unique business challenges.


Aixin’s Cloud Transformation Services provide scalable and robust methodologies together with automated tools for migrating your enterprise data centers and workload to cloud platforms.

Big Data

Know your data and leverage to gain insights to run your business in an optimized way. To know the past is important but to know what is happening to your data in present times, what can happen next holds the key to businesses

Explore Big Data

Big data is arriving from multiple sources at an alarming velocity